There’s still time


Jesus is coming soon, but that means Mary and Joseph are looking in at the inn, knocking on the door. Is there room? Is there still time? Advent is not over. There’s still time! There was no room in the inn – but perhaps, one can imagine, what of the innkeeper’s own room? He had the chance to host the King, to gain the Kingdom of Heaven with his hospitality, but to do it he would have had to clear out his room, perhaps sleep outside the door or in the stable, and be a little uncomfortable for a short while.

Joseph is knocking. Mary is heavy with child. Christ wants to be born in your home. The salvation of your soul depends on it. The Kingdom of Heaven is yours to gain, but you just need to be a little hospitable. What sins are there to clear out? What hinders your welcoming?

“I don’t know how to start making room” – St. Joseph is practical, so ask for his help. “I want to regain the longing of Advent” – Holy Mary is burning with a longing beyond all telling, so soon to be fulfilled, so ask for her heart.

What will you see when you prepare properly for Christmas? A Face…